Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hot day in July

Some things are predictable in Yuma, and heat in July is one of them. We have had some lovely weather since I last posted but now we are in triple digits with wind. Best to stay inside and play on the WII, read, and watch movies.

I have been plagued with headaches since the first of the year and am spending a lot of time at doctor's trying to find a cause and THEN a cure or at least relief.

In the meantime, we have had two births in our family: our grandson, Beau and his wife blessed us with our 8th great grandchild. His name is Jackson and we see his picture on Facebook a lot. Our Godson, had a boy on the 4th of July and we are enjoying seeing him on Facebook also.

Sadly, we lost a member of the the oldestgeneration; my husband's dear Aunt Donna. She was a sweet, gentle, kind, gracious, and grand lady and shall be missed.

We have been viewing a lot of Holocaust movies and recommend "I Shall Never Forget You" the story of Simon Wiesenthal. What a great, dedicated man he was.

We are taking a trip to Northern New Mexico next week and hope to take a train to Lamy, NM and a float down on the Rio Grande.

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