Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday I had a most exciting trip to Phoenix with a friend. We were going to a special event at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. The renowned glass artist, Chihuly, had placed many of his artistic works in and around the gardens and they were there for 6 months. So my friend and I sat off at 8;00 in the morning admiring the wildflowers along the side of the road. We arrived at the Gardens shortly before noon for our noon to 4:00 reservations. We were so glad we had planned ahead as that time slot was sold out! It was a bit warm for Spring but in return the warmth brought out the wild flowers and the cactus blossoms in profusion. The glass art was placed around the gardens with great forethought and what wonderful surprises to turn a corner or look up to see a bit of bright colorful glass beckoning us on for a closer look. I have about 100 pictures in my Shutterfly account so if you are interested, let me know and I will share more.

Catch an exhibit if it comes anywhere near where you live.

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