Monday, March 2, 2009

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I decided instead of ranting about things that were bad in the Bush era (just about everything), I would start the Obama era with good news about ways we can bring HOPE to America and abroad. I have collected a few items about ways we can share what we have with those who have a lot less. One is beadforlife. They have a web site, Please visit it. I had a jewelry party the other night and sold over $600 worth of the lovely bead jewelry made out of recycled paper by the women of Uganda. They then use the money to buy homes for their families, get much needed items like mosquito netting, malaria treatment, first aid kits, etc. It was so easy and fun to have this party.

And I just read a wonderful article in the Parade magazine of March 1st, about solar cookers for women in refugee camps in Africa. The web site is and I intend to purchase one or two for the women to use. By cooking inside the camps, they are safer from being attacked and raped.

Spread it forward. Peace, Jean

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