Monday, March 2, 2009


I still like recommend movies and books so will use this venue to do that. Right now I am reading an interesting book called "The Front Runner"; a true story about a gay track runner from a small collect called Prescott and his relationship with his coach, Harlan Brown.

I have become a great fan of Harlan Coben.

My sister and I were in Savannah and Charleston last fall and a wonderful book was recommended to us by a tour guide on the African Heritage Trail Tour. It is called "Hidden in Plain View" and is about the slave quilt patterns and the cultural significance of their patterns and how they facilitated their escape north.

More to follow

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Cassandra said...

Hi Jean,

Have you read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle"? Although the ending is sad, it fits the rest of the story. I'm not quite sure yet if I liked it or not, but it's stayed in my mind, which is the mark of a good story.

I read very little fiction. I'm drawn more to non-fiction, because there's so much I want to study and learn.